Why a Defined Business Purpose Matters for Your Business Success

Purpose matters in business.  A business with a defined purpose has a stronger foundation and a more coherent strategy than one that doesn’t.  Whether you’re the owner of a small business, a start-up company, or a freelancer, knowing the real purpose behind what you do is essential to your success.  Without purpose, it’s all too […]

How Creative Professionals Can Develop a Positive Mindset About Money

Do you have a positive or a negative attitude toward money?  The answer to this question will play a big part in how successful you are in your business. How you perceive money is known as your money mindset and drives the decisions you make about your general finances and the fees you charge clients.  […]

Does My Small Business Need a Professional Accountant?

When you run a small business, it’s tempting to do most things yourself. You feel you know your business better than anyone, and that includes its finances. Yet for many small business owners, including solopreneurs, hiring a professional accountant saves a lot of hassle and financial stress later down the line.   Building a new business […]

How to Build Entrepreneurial Resilience for Difficult Times

An entrepreneur’s way of life is difficult at the best of times. When unforeseen circumstances occur, it can suddenly become impossible. Unless that is, you have carefully built entrepreneurial resilience, allowing you to face difficult times with fortitude.  The importance of cultivating resilience as a business owner became all too clear during the COVID-19 pandemic. […]

How to Choose the Right Freelancers for Your Startup Company

You need the best talent for your startup, and it might just come in the form of a freelancer. Investing in human capital can enable a new business to scale quickly and meet the demands of both customers and investors. However, hiring employees is expensive and can involve a steep learning curve. This is especially […]

Common Startup Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Building a startup business is a risky business. Statistics on startup success make pretty dire reading, right across the board. According to one study of over 1,100 tech companies, only 15% managed to raise a fourth round of funding (Series C). Approximately 67% of companies either died or had to rely on self-sustaining solutions.   Reasons […]

5 Intelligent Cash Flow Strategies for Startup Founders

Cash flow can be a major issue for entrepreneurs. Not all startup founders really understand finance and this can prove problematic. Without proper planning, a new company can find its financial resources depleted leaving it high and dry during downtimes.  As an entrepreneur, you soon realize that you don’t only have a responsibility to yourself […]

Why Innovation is Key to a Freelancer’s Success

It’s becoming ever more important for freelancers to embrace innovation. There are no two ways about it. With so many freelance professionals, competition is fierce and the need to stand out is increasingly imperative. This is the same regardless of which freelancing sector you’re in.  According to employment statistics, there are over 62 million freelancers […]

7 Big Business Management Strategies Ideal for New Freelancers

As a new freelancer, you could be forgiven for thinking most big business management strategies don’t apply to your line of work. After all, you work solo and usually from home, and you certainly don’t have a big organization to lead. So how on earth can the management strategies employed by big companies benefit your […]

How You Can Set Up a New Freelance Business in Just 24 Hours

One of the most exciting decisions you’ll ever make as a freelance professional is one you’ve already made – the decision to start a freelance business.  Freelancing is an exciting career path. As you quickly research how to set up a new freelance business, your skin will be tingling as you imagine the liberating lifestyle […]