Auto-billing 101

Auto-Billing at Your Fingertips If you have clients that need to be billed on a regular basis, then you know exactly how time consuming this can be. First, you have to keep their credit card or bank details on file. Next, you must remember the date of the upcoming invoice. And then, you have to […]

10 Signs You’re Meant to Be an Entrepreneur

Are you cut out to be an entrepreneur?  Is creating your own business from scratch really something you’re meant to do?  According to statistics, about 50% of businesses that hire employees fail within their first five years. Only about 30% of companies make it to their tenth anniversary.  Being an entrepreneur is tough, even at […]

10 Ways to Market Your Freelancing Business During the COVID Crisis

Marketing your freelancing business during a global crisis is challenging. Many of your ideal clients are reducing spending, shifting focus, and even going out of business altogether. Everyone is facing hardships during the COVID-19 era.  Despite the worldwide coronavirus pandemic and the resulting economic recession, many freelancers are still making a good living and even […]

7 Freelancing Myths Standing in Your Way of Success

7 Freelancing Myths Standing in Your Way of Success Mindset is key as a freelancer. What you believe to be true will inevitably shape your freelancing destiny. It’s therefore wise to avoid some of the common freelancing myths that can get in the way of you reaching your full potential.  If you’re clear about what […]

How to Define Your Own Success as an Entrepreneur

How to Define Your Own Success as an Entrepreneur For many people, the image of a successful entrepreneur is synonymous with monetary wealth and an extravagant lifestyle. But as a fledgling business owner, is great wealth really how you will define your own success as an entrepreneur?  Numerous entrepreneurs go into business for the sheer […]

The Incredible Power of Being Yourself as a Freelancer

“Just be yourself” is standard advice for those who are nervous about an upcoming date, speech, or event. It’s usually a sensible suggestion, especially when meeting people for the first time. Yet when it comes to business, and especially freelancing, is being yourself a powerful asset? For many freelancers, the goal is to emulate those […]

6 Ways to Successfully Pivot as a Freelancer During a Crisis

As the COVID-19 pandemic reshapes the world, business owners are left wondering how they can survive, let alone thrive. For so many freelancers, 2020 has brought financial hardships and fears for the future. Yet its during crisis moments like these that the most successful professionals do something extraordinary. They pivot. For freelancers, pivoting is essentially […]

Is it Ever a Good Idea for a Freelancer to Work for Free?

Every freelance professional, at one time or another, has been asked to work for free. Ask any freelancer, in any sector, and they will have a story to tell about a prospect who considered payment as optional. Which begs the question, is it ever a good idea for a freelancer to work for free?  Whether […]

7 Reasons Why Being a Great Conversationalist Matters for Freelancers

7 Reasons Why Being a Great Conversationalist Matters for Freelancers What do you picture when you think of a great conversationalist?  You might imagine a popular person at a dinner party engaging delighted guests in fast flowing conversation. But there’s a lot more scope to it than that. Great conversation is not just important for […]

10 Lucrative Side Hustle Ideas for Current Employees

Are you desperate to create your own side hustle but out of ideas when it comes to what to do exactly?  When money is tight or if you have dreams of setting up your own business, creating a side hustle can help you reach your goals. As we mentioned in last week’s article, a side […]