How to Strengthen Your Attention Span to Get More Work Done

As a freelancer or small business owner, you might consider your most important skill as being the one for which your clients pay you. Yet there’s a particular skill that is even more essential. It has a significant impact on your career’s destiny. The skill? A strong attention span.   Every day we are bombarded with […]

Why Software Development Companies Should Use CI/CD

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CD), represent a set of automation practices or perhaps even a culture or philosophy in software engineering, designed to help DevOps teams deliver high-quality code more frequently and efficiently. The CI/CD pipeline, which is what the implementation of these two principles is called, is based on process mechanics, as […]

Does My Small Business Need a Professional Accountant?

When you run a small business, it’s tempting to do most things yourself. You feel you know your business better than anyone, and that includes its finances. Yet for many small business owners, including solopreneurs, hiring a professional accountant saves a lot of hassle and financial stress later down the line.   Building a new business […]

10 Essential SEO Factors Entrepreneurs Need for a Successful Website

The most important tool in your entrepreneurial growth is your website. All successful websites are optimized for search – also known as search engine optimization (SEO) – and this is the bedrock of attracting the best customers.  To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to market hard and sell well. Unless you can reach the […]

Partner Highlight: Piesync from Hubspot

PieSync from HubSpot: Have your Invoice Ninja clients data in sync with your other business applications Over 10 years ago, with the boom of cloud applications, small and medium-sized businesses gained access to top business software. Until then, those were only attainable for big companies. During this decade, SaaS companies became more sophisticated, flexible and […]

How One Single Blog Article Can Be Repurposed Over and Over Again

As an entrepreneur, you know time is tight. You have to market your business but when there are a thousand and one things to do, marketing can sometimes become a struggle. This is especially the case when it comes to content creation, such as blogging. You can hire out the content writing but often you […]

Pricing Update Jan 1, 2020

More than invoicing! Since our launch in 2014, community members like yourself have helped us to build the best suite of apps for small businesses. As we continue to build features for our v2 launch in 2020, beginning January 1st, Pro & Enterprise Plans pricing will be modestly adjusted: Pro Plans will adjust from $8/ month […]

How to Choose the Right Freelancers for Your Startup Company

You need the best talent for your startup, and it might just come in the form of a freelancer. Investing in human capital can enable a new business to scale quickly and meet the demands of both customers and investors. However, hiring employees is expensive and can involve a steep learning curve. This is especially […]

Common Startup Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Building a startup business is a risky business. Statistics on startup success make pretty dire reading, right across the board. According to one study of over 1,100 tech companies, only 15% managed to raise a fourth round of funding (Series C). Approximately 67% of companies either died or had to rely on self-sustaining solutions.   Reasons […]