7 Ways to Deal with Freelance Project Delays

7 Ways to Deal with Freelance Project Delays Project delays are a problem all freelancers face. Regardless of your industry or experience level, there will be times when even the best project plans, schedules, and intentions go awry.  Usually, these occasional delays cause minor inconvenience, but they can have dangerously negative implications for both your […]

5 New Mindset Changes for A New Year of Business Growth

A new year marks a new beginning. It’s the perfect time to adopt mindset changes that positively impact both your private life and career. After the pandemic struggles of 2020, cultivating resilience and wellbeing has never been more critical.  As Covid-19 remains an ever-present threat and a source of enormous disruption, everyone, everywhere, is looking […]

How to Find a Good Accountant for Your Small Business

How do you go about finding a good accountant?  This question is on the lips of many small business owners and freelancers when they decide to hire outside assistance for their business finances. Working with a professional can ease your money worries, reduce research and analysis time, and ensure you’re on secure financial ground going […]

10 Ways to Market Your Freelancing Business During the COVID Crisis

Marketing your freelancing business during a global crisis is challenging. Many of your ideal clients are reducing spending, shifting focus, and even going out of business altogether. Everyone is facing hardships during the COVID-19 era.  Despite the worldwide coronavirus pandemic and the resulting economic recession, many freelancers are still making a good living and even […]

7 Freelancing Myths Standing in Your Way of Success

7 Freelancing Myths Standing in Your Way of Success Mindset is key as a freelancer. What you believe to be true will inevitably shape your freelancing destiny. It’s therefore wise to avoid some of the common freelancing myths that can get in the way of you reaching your full potential.  If you’re clear about what […]

How to Define Your Own Success as an Entrepreneur

How to Define Your Own Success as an Entrepreneur For many people, the image of a successful entrepreneur is synonymous with monetary wealth and an extravagant lifestyle. But as a fledgling business owner, is great wealth really how you will define your own success as an entrepreneur?  Numerous entrepreneurs go into business for the sheer […]

7 Business Ideas for People Looking to Minimize Face-to-Face Meetings

At the beginning of 2020, we all assumed the year would be like any other. Then the COVID-19 pandemic struck, and the world changed. As lockdowns went into effect, countless businesses in just about every industry suffered. All this led to more and more people looking for new business ideas that minimize face-to-face meetings.    No […]

How Freelancers Can Thrive During a Recession 

How Freelancers Can Thrive During a Recession  As a severe pandemic rages across the world, there are warning signs of a harsh worldwide recession on the horizon. A significant economic downturn is devastating for the majority of small businesses. Yet for freelancers, despite the decline in economic activity, there’s actually a chance to thrive during […]

How to Build Entrepreneurial Resilience for Difficult Times

An entrepreneur’s way of life is difficult at the best of times. When unforeseen circumstances occur, it can suddenly become impossible. Unless that is, you have carefully built entrepreneurial resilience, allowing you to face difficult times with fortitude.  The importance of cultivating resilience as a business owner became all too clear during the COVID-19 pandemic. […]

10 Ways to Start a New Career Online and Quickly

Two of the most frightening combinations of events for most people, especially families, are illness and job loss. When you’re healthy and seemingly comfortable in a salaried job, this combination can seem a long way off. Then something like COVID-19 (the coronavirus pandemic) suddenly appears.  Millions of people in the US, Europe, Asia, and all […]