10 Ways to Market Your Freelancing Business During the COVID Crisis

Marketing your freelancing business during a global crisis is challenging. Many of your ideal clients are reducing spending, shifting focus, and even going out of business altogether. Everyone is facing hardships during the COVID-19 era.  Despite the worldwide coronavirus pandemic and the resulting economic recession, many freelancers are still making a good living and even […]

7 Freelancing Myths Standing in Your Way of Success

7 Freelancing Myths Standing in Your Way of Success Mindset is key as a freelancer. What you believe to be true will inevitably shape your freelancing destiny. It’s therefore wise to avoid some of the common freelancing myths that can get in the way of you reaching your full potential.  If you’re clear about what […]

How to Define Your Own Success as an Entrepreneur

For many people, the image of a successful entrepreneur is synonymous with monetary wealth and an extravagant lifestyle. But as a fledgling business owner, is great wealth really how you will define your own success as an entrepreneur?  Numerous entrepreneurs go into business for the sheer passion of developing a new project, rather than to […]

The Incredible Power of Being Yourself as a Freelancer

“Just be yourself” is standard advice for those who are nervous about an upcoming date, speech, or event. It’s usually a sensible suggestion, especially when meeting people for the first time. Yet when it comes to business, and especially freelancing, is being yourself a powerful asset? For many freelancers, the goal is to emulate those […]

6 Ways to Successfully Pivot as a Freelancer During a Crisis

As the COVID-19 pandemic reshapes the world, business owners are left wondering how they can survive, let alone thrive. For so many freelancers, 2020 has brought financial hardships and fears for the future. Yet its during crisis moments like these that the most successful professionals do something extraordinary. They pivot. For freelancers, pivoting is essentially […]

7 Business Ideas for People Looking to Minimize Face-to-Face Meetings

At the beginning of 2020, we all assumed the year would be like any other. Then the COVID-19 pandemic struck, and the world changed. As lockdowns went into effect, countless businesses in just about every industry suffered. All this led to more and more people looking for new business ideas that minimize face-to-face meetings.    No […]

How to Stay on Top of Your Bookkeeping as a Freelancer

Maintaining good financial records is essential when running your own business. As a freelancer, it’s incredibly important to ensure you record every facet of your income and expenses.  Why? Proper bookkeeping helps you to pay your taxes on time and with complete accuracy. You avoid unnecessary dramas involving late payments or muddled data, which can […]

How Freelancers Can Thrive During a Recession 

As a severe pandemic rages across the world, there are warning signs of a harsh worldwide recession on the horizon. A significant economic downturn is devastating for the majority of small businesses. Yet for freelancers, despite the decline in economic activity, there’s actually a chance to thrive during any recession.  Even as Covid-19 forces societies […]

5 Ways to Reinvent Yourself After Losing Your Job

Losing your job can have a dramatically destabilizing effect on your life and finances. As well as the immediate loss of income, you’re suddenly left wondering what to do next and how you will cope. For many people, the obvious way forward is to look for a similar position in another company, but maybe, just […]

10 Essential SEO Factors Entrepreneurs Need for a Successful Website

The most important tool in your entrepreneurial growth is your website. All successful websites are optimized for search – also known as search engine optimization (SEO) – and this is the bedrock of attracting the best customers.  To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to market hard and sell well. Unless you can reach the […]