8 Freelancer Habits to Help Smash Your Day and Keep You Motivated

Starting your freelance career can be exciting. The autonomy to work for yourself, flexible hours, doing what you love, and the promise of unlimited earnings potential can be super-motivating. But what about the day-to-day life realities of working as a freelancer? What healthy and productive habits can you implement to make the most of the […]

4 Ways to Future-Proof Your Freelance Business

While nobody can accurately predict future events and their impact on business, it is possible to factor in trends and apply common sense and proven business strategies to help combat unforeseen challenges and mitigate any adverse effects on your freelance business as much as possible. Here are 4 strategies to consider to help you future-proof […]

How to Get Out of a Rut as a Freelancer

woman freelancer smiling at laptop

Even the most seasoned and skilled freelancer can sometimes get stuck in a rut, whether creatively, a lack of focus or direction, or simply feeling stuck on a hamster wheel doing the same thing, working diligently but not seeing any real meaningful progress. Here are 6 ways to help you get out of a freelance […]

5 Ideas to Help You Stand Out, Boost Your Brand, and Keep Clients Happy

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As a freelancer and small business owner, how others perceive your brand is key to winning and retaining clients. Your branding is conveyed in everything you do. It’s not just your visual brand identity, such as logos, fonts, and colors, that counts. Your quality output, marketing content, brand messaging, and how you deal with clients […]

6 Ways to Grow Your Freelance Business

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If you are looking to grow your freelance business, increase cash flow, or expand, first, it’s important to have a realistic plan for achieving it and then set meaningful and measurable goals.   You’ll also want to ensure you have the time, energy and resources to implement your growth strategies. With this in mind, here are […]

4 Tips to Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome as a Freelancer

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Shiny Object Syndrome arises when you are easily distracted by the next big thing, fashion, or idea, taking your focus away from what you are currently working on or planning to do next. Shiny objects can be new business ideas, attractive opportunities, or even being distracted by something more tangible, such as always buying into […]

3 Ways to Generate Freelance Leads From Your Content

If you struggle with the freelance feast-and-famine cycle, seem to be forever looking for new clients, or don’t have enough work, here are 3 proven ways you can generate freelance leads from your content, attract (and engage with) your ideal clients, and keep your freelance client pipeline full to the brim and flowing! 1. Have […]

9 Habits to Set Yourself Up for Freelance Success

Man in Black Crew Neck T-shirt Sitting Beside Woman in Gray Crew Neck T-shirt

Making a success of anything in life can largely come down to forming healthy and productive daily habits. The Japanese even have a word for this way of thinking; they call it ‘Kaizen’. For example, we know that incorporating exercise into our everyday lives makes us feel fitter and better and benefits us in the […]

6 Networking Tips for Freelancers

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The art of networking and building good business relationships is an essential component of any freelancer tool kit. Done correctly, you can form long-lasting business relationships with people in your industry that help boost your business so you remain profitable and keep you ‘top of mind’ and in the know. But what does networking involve, […]

5 Mistakes New Freelancers Make and How to Avoid Them

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There’s plenty of good advice and freelancer tips about what you should do to win clients, produce top-quality work, and make a profit out of freelancing, but what are some of the things you shouldn’t do? We’ve put together a list of some potential no-nos to avoid (and why) to ensure your freelance career is […]