Why Innovation is Key to a Freelancer’s Success

It’s becoming ever more important for freelancers to embrace innovation. There are no two ways about it. With so many freelance professionals, competition is fierce and the need to stand out is increasingly imperative. This is the same regardless of which freelancing sector you’re in.  According to employment statistics, there are over 62 million freelancers […]

7 Big Business Management Strategies Ideal for New Freelancers

As a new freelancer, you could be forgiven for thinking most big business management strategies don’t apply to your line of work. After all, you work solo and usually from home, and you certainly don’t have a big organization to lead. So how on earth can the management strategies employed by big companies benefit your […]

How You Can Set Up a New Freelance Business in Just 24 Hours

One of the most exciting decisions you’ll ever make as a freelance professional is one you’ve already made – the decision to start a freelance business.  Freelancing is an exciting career path. As you quickly research how to set up a new freelance business, your skin will be tingling as you imagine the liberating lifestyle […]

How the Best Clients Treat Freelance Professionals

The biggest mistake a new freelancer can make is assuming they are subservient to their client. This is not the nature of a healthy freelancer-client relationship. The best clients treat freelance professionals as respected equals and this makes working together productive, enjoyable, and successful. Unfortunately, too many freelancers accept poor treatment, low pay, and a […]

Invoicing Etiquette for New Freelancers

Just like with anything worthwhile in life, there are certain rules or standards to adhere to. Whether dining in a fancy restaurant or simply walking down the street, there are things we can do and things we really shouldn’t do. The same applies to invoicing. There’s an invoicing etiquette to learn. Good invoicing procedures not […]

5 Ways Freelancing Can be a Stepping Stone to Greater Things

A dream many people have is to develop and maintain a successful self-run business. Freelancing is a popular way to do this and it’s very easy to quickly set up a business presence online. If you have the right experience and skillset, you can make a very good living working from your home office or […]

How to Reinvest Earnings to Successfully Grow Your Freelancing Business

Starting a new freelancing business is hard work. For many it can also be a worrying time financially. Whether you’re a fresh graduate or you’re leaving a disliked salaried job, it’s a bit of a jump into the unknown. However, compared to setting up other types of businesses, forging a freelancing career is relatively inexpensive. […]

7 Ways to Build a Freelance Business Without Spending a Dime

“You have to spend money to make money” is a well-known idiom. Yet is it necessarily true? As a young newbie freelancer, perhaps fresh out of college, you might not have a lot of spare money to spend setting up your freelancing business. You might even be in the red. When every dollar counts, the […]

Are You Really Cut Out to be an Entrepreneur?

The label of ‘entrepreneur’ can be alluring for many young people, especially those just graduating from college. Entrepreneurship is seen as an exciting career path to take as well as one that can be extremely lucrative. There are many well-known names on television and in the media who show what a wildly successful entrepreneurial life […]

Why Freelancing is Ideal for Go-Getters Fresh Out of College

You’re fresh out of college – or a soon-to-be graduate – and you’re wondering what to do next. You may feel pressured to get a ‘normal’ job and settle into a career other people demand of you. Except, you’re young, ambitious, desperate to travel, and even more enthusiastic to forge a career path that suits […]