Should You Be a Freelancer or an Entrepreneur?

Creating your own business is an exciting prospect. Whether as a freelancer or as an entrepreneur, there’s a thrill about ultimately being in control of your own career destiny.  More and more people are leaving the world of salaried work and embarking on an entrepreneurial path. Yet with so many different ways to build a […]

Freelancers: Should You Charge By the Hour or By the Project?

A common dilemma faced by freelancers in every industry is whether to charge by the hour or by the project. Both strategies have their benefits and drawbacks depending on your freelancing services, ability, and audience.  In this article, we’ll have a look more closely into the pros and cons of hourly and per-project pricing to […]

Value vs. Price: How to Attract Freelancing Clients by Selling Value

“What are your rates?” This common first question from a prospective client is one freelancer dread. It signifies immediately that the prospect perceives your freelancing services as an expense rather than as an investment. They see the price first and foremost rather than the value behind what it is you do.   For any freelancer looking […]

Partner Highlight: Piesync from Hubspot

PieSync from HubSpot: Have your Invoice Ninja clients data in sync with your other business applications Over 10 years ago, with the boom of cloud applications, small and medium-sized businesses gained access to top business software. Until then, those were only attainable for big companies. During this decade, SaaS companies became more sophisticated, flexible and […]

A Top Down Sales Process for Freelancers

When you boil down the sales process, no matter what the business, there are 3 steps. Step One: Find Potential Clients (aka prospects) Step Two: Nurture/Close Clients Step Three: Onboard Clients For freelancers, a lapse in any of these stages can be detrimental to your business. However, most sales content is solely based around step […]

Invoice Ninja v2.0

We’re excited to announce that we’re starting work on a major redesign of Invoice Ninja! By upgrading to the latest and greatest web technologies we’ll be able to provide more features at a faster rate. We’re a small team, accomplishing this task will requires us to slow down feature development of the current version while […]

8 Essential Online Tools for the Digital Nomad

The life of a digital nomad – someone who is location independent – is never dull. There’s a liberating sense of freedom to be able to go anywhere you like, whenever you like, and still earn money. For people who are itching to see the world, a nomadic lifestyle combined with an online career, is […]

The Solopreneur’s Guide to Persuasive Sales Communication

You can have wonderful products or provide topnotch services but if your sales communication is ineffective, then you’re going to miss out on closing the deal. Persuasive sales communication is vital when it comes to attracting new customers or clients, and it requires a ninja way of thinking. Great communication is not just about what […]

7 Ways Syncing Data & Apps Benefits Solopreneurs

Cloud-based apps benefit solopreneurs and small business owners in numerous ways. Yet they also pose problems, especially when it comes to sharing data from one app to another. Many cannot be integrated together which means having to manually update the data yourself. This can be hugely time consuming if you’re running a lot of apps. […]

Make Paying Online Invoices Easy for Clients

A big part of successful invoicing is making sure the payment of an online invoice is easy for your client. When you make the payment process longer or more complicated than it should be, then your cash flow suffers and the relationship between you and your client also takes a hit. Maintaining a strong freelancer-client […]